Find a Notary!
The "Locate a Notary" website is a FREE service about to be launched that will let mortgage, title, lending, and escrow companies search for notaries and signing agents quickly and easily. Too many notary directories charge customers to find qualified professional notary publics and the results are limited only to those who have elected to pay a high listing fee. "Locate a Notary" is our answer for the need for a free public service.
Notaries, Get Listed!

Now that the old Find a Notary website has been shut down, and the major notary associations are charging annual fees to have basic listings, there are no free nationwide services left. We think that stinks! So, "Locate a Notary" is in the process of being born. We are still in testing (beta) mode right now, but please submit your contact information now, and get instantly included when the site launches soon!

There Are Service Gaps All Over the Country!

We Need 1,000 More Notaries Before Launch!
Tell Every Notary You Know About This Free Service!

There is no charge to be listed! It's totally free! Your cost: $0.00! Forever!

However, the "Locate a Notary" service will rely on optional donations to keep the site running. If you wish to donate any money, please use the PayPal link below. As a "Thank You" to those who make donations, a complex formula that includes the date you sign up on "Locate a Notary" and the amount of your voluntary monetary contributions will be used to determine the ranking of each notary. Simple put, the more you donate, the higher on the list you go! Ties will be resolved by the date and time of signup.